Project Name: ChiliPresentations

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What is it?

ChiliProject (/Redmine) plugin which allows you to upload a zipped directory containing a "web-friendly" presentation (HTML/JS/CSS) and associate it with a project. The plugin will unzip it and filter viewing permissions according to your 'permissions' settings.

  1. Makes it dead simple upload, store, and view HTML-based presentations within a ChiliProject/Redmine (CP/RM) installation.
  2. Allows you to link presentations to specific "versions" in the CP/RM project
  3. Adds a "presentation" wiki macro which can be used to link to a presentation in wikis, news items, et cetera.



  1. I learned how to set up a Rails app to serve static assets via nginx using the X-Accel-Redirect header. This is quite awesome because the request still goes through the Rails application so you can enforce things like authentication and authorization rules from the application without having to tie up your application servers with serving the actual files.