Who is Tom Kersten? A father, husband, and geek.


I grew up on a farm near Kramer, ND. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Management Information Systems and a minor in Computer Science. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri and worked as a System Engineer for a Cerner Corporation, helping make sure their data center worked as advertised. While there, I developed an internal tool with a web application component to simplify auditing our servers as somewhat of a side project and decided I really enjoyed working in that space. I also found out I did not necessarily enjoy doing so with Perl.

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On to Web Application Development...

My wife and I moved to the Chicago area in June, 2005 when an opportunity to develop web applications full-time with the freedom to use whatever technology I chose presented itself. I had been interested in trying out Ruby on Rails, so the journey began.

I have worked with Ruby/Rails since that time for "big companies", a consulting company in Chicago, and consulted on my own for a while as well.

Currently I work for GN ReSound as the Cloud Architect of the Research Group. Our goal is to make both distributing and owning our hearing prosthetics (aka: "hearing aids") a completely transparent experience (physically, acoustically, and visibly). In the spring of 2012 I transferred to our Bloomington, Minnesota location (a suburb of Minneapolis).

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I am married and have two daughters, Vivianne and Lilah. My hobbies include figuring out how to get my kids to sleep, reading, working out (I CrossFit), expanding my knowledge in the areas of technology I find interesting. You can read more about my family life at Whitespur.com if you are interested...

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